When you arrive at your local county jail, the last thing you want to do is sit in there until your court date arrives which could be months away. When you complete the booking process, a guard will contact the bail bondsman in hopes that you will have some type of bail set for you. Some bail options you may be given are surety, recognizance, cash bail, and secured. Each of these bail bonds depends on the severity of your charges and which class they fall under whether it be A, B, and C felonies or D and E misdemeanors.

Surety Bonds

Any Surety bonds Scottsdale AZ are given when you yourself do not have any funds to post cash bail at that specific time. With this type of bond, a surety or guarantor will basically promise the bail bondsman and courts that they will pay a specified amount if for some reason you violate the conditions of your release. Before signing off on this release, be sure you can meet all the requirements.

Recognizance Bonds

A recognizance bond is your own promise to the courts and bail bondsman that you show up to the specified court date on your police summons. Normally the only condition to this bond is showing up to court, but in some cases, it may require other conditions. If you are unable to make it to your court date, a warrant for your arrest will be issued and you will be charged with failure to appear.

Cash Bail

Cash bail is when the bail bondsman sets a cash amount that you have to pay in order to be released. The amount will depend on the class of the crime you committed and the severity of it. If you are unable to make bail on the amount set, you can request a bail hearing before your court date to have the bail amount reduced.

Secured Bond

When you are given a secured bond you will not have to post any cash in order to be released from the jail. Instead, the bail bondsman will release you on a specified amount that you will have to pay back if you violate your conditions. Always be sure to read through your conditions carefully before signing the bond. This will allow you to ask any questions that could potentially save you from violating.

Bail bonds allow you to be released from the county jail on the promise that you will abide by all listed conditions or you could possibly be given more charges including a VCR (violation of conditions of release). Some bonds that are offered to you are secured, surety, recognizance, and cash bail. Once you have signed your bond and are released back into the community, it is up to you to abide by all conditions to avoid further charges and the possibility of losing all of the money that you posted on bail in order to be released that day.

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