Of course I have been living with these guys for about a year now and I have learned a ton of things from them, but I knew they were up to something that they were not telling me about. They let me in on it, although I had to give them 75 dollars to make the accounts at something called a bahis siteleri or in Turkish that is casino site. Now I do not really have a clue what the game actually is. However a few days later they said that I could either have 325 dollars or I could roll it over. It was pretty complicated from what they told me, but then I realized that they just did not intend to let the truth slip out. About ten days later they gave me a cash card with 450 dollars on it and told me that they had charged me a percentage and that they had kept 75 dollars to start all over.

Eventually I realized that they were playing online poker with the money, although they were not doing it completely on the level. In fact most of the time they were doing something called idling. They would have it look as though someone was playing very cautiously, winning a little or losing a little. Then at some point they would spring into action and make a big win some way or another. Then they would go back to the slow play, but of course they were not doing any of this like a single person. Instead they were acting like dozens of players, or so I think. They claim that there is nothing illegal or wrong about it. At any rate they say that my money is not going to be needed, but instead I think the whole thing is to keep me quiet.

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