As photographers we’re easily mesmerized by other peoples photos of gorgeous and distant locations. It’s easy to think… “if only I lived there or could travel there, I could have beautiful images too.” Many photographers miss what’s right in front of them while others take advantage of their location and spend decades or even a lifetime photographing the same area. It’s easy to forget you have an advantage that other photographers don’t have. Your location! Other people don’t have the same places to take pictures you do and you can take advantage of it. People who live in the “beautiful” places don’t want to see the images of where they live. They want to see something different.

The lesson? Don’t discount what’s right in front of you. You may be tripping over a perfect newborn photography spring tx subject without even realizing it. There are always great places to take pictures everywhere. You don’t have to live in one of the more heavily populated or touristy locations like New York City, San Francisco or Washington, DC to take advantage of your location. Take a look at any stock photography site, you’ll find thousands of photographs of small towns and “off the beaten path” locations.

So how can I find places to take pictures in my area, you ask? First, think about what you like to photograph the most so you can stick to one subject (it’ll make things easier to get you started). Do you prefer landscape photography, wildlife, street, macro, etc? If you’re still not sure, think about what symbols and landmarks are important to your location. Is there a particular skyscraper or local bar that stands out? Maybe there’s a graffiti wall where artists show off their work or a field of sunflowers that blooms every spring.

Another option is to think about what represents the culture in your area. This could be a local sporting event, local farmers at work, or even a local hangout spot. How can you show outsiders what life is like in your area just by showing them a picture? By attending events and visiting local gathering spots, you’ll have great places to photograph people, practice your street photography and document the culture.

Many of us photographers have a photography bucket listed filled with places to take pictures in faraway locations but what locations are on your wish list that are near you? I challenge you to make a list right now of at least five places you can go photograph in your area this month. You don’t necessarily have to know what you’ll photograph when you get there. When you go you can explore the area and focus on the details. This will open your eyes to the natural beauty that can be found in your area and it will become easier and easier to find new photography subjects in your own backyard.

In the end, if you set your mind on finding beautiful places to take pictures in your area, you may be quite surprised by what you find.

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