Businesses needing pallet racking require efficient systems to ensure their products, buildings and workers are safe and also that their products can be stored and accessed easily and efficiently.

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Simple rules such as storing heavier items on the lower shelves and making sure shelving is the right size and strong enough for the weight will prevent any damage.


Always make sure your racks are correctly fitted and aligned and that you have checked the manufacturer’s instructions. Double-check all connections are secure and level, and introduce a regular checking system amongst your workers.


Include inspecting the flooring as part of your routine checks, as the regular movement of heavy loads can cause the bottom of the racks to loosen. Ensure a member of staff is responsible for any necessary re-tightening or replacing of bolts or screws and knows how to order spare parts and accessories.

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Depending on the size of the racks and the quantity of pallets that are being stored, there is always a risk that there will be an overhang. Always check with the manufacturer’s handbook about what is considered an acceptable overhang and ensure staff are aware of the rules and procedures and how to report any problems.


Make sure the racking you purchase is right for your needs. If you are dealing with food supplies that have a sell-by date, for example, you will need a system that allows for a first-in, first-out system.

Reading the guidelines and distributing them to the appropriate staff members will be vital to ensure that all relevant personnel know the weight limits and correct use of the racks. Companies involved in racking Ireland, such as, have a wide variety of racking options and can advise you on what is best for your business.

Businesses across the country are preparing for Brexit, and amidst all the uncertainty, manufacturers are experiencing a reduction in export orders.


Most factories and storage units will use forklifts to transport products from one destination to another and on and off the delivery trucks. Always make sure the operators have the correct qualifications and know how to report any collisions or damage caused by the vehicles, however small this might be, as this can cause the racks to become unstable.

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