Bail bonds are very beneficial for those of you who have been arrested on new charges and need a way to get out of jail. Bonds that you may be offered at the jail or your initial arraignment are immigration, secured, or a PR bond. Once you are provided with the type of bond you will be able to be released on, you can then determine whether or not you can meet the requirements to be released back into the community. The requirements will consist of cash or bail conditions that you have to abide by until your next court hearing.

Immigration Bonds

If you have been caught in the United States of America illegally as an immigrant from another country, chances are you are going to need some type of immigration bail bonds cincinnati oh to help you get released from the county jail. Your bond may require you to stay in the US until a hearing is requested by your attorney. During this time frame, you will want to gather all your birth documents to try and seek out citizenship. Once all the information is in your hands, you can plead your case to the judge in hopes you will gain legal citizenship within the United States.

Secured Bonds

Secured bonds do not require you to pay any cash to be released from jail, but it does specify a specific bail amount you will have to pay if you violate your conditions. Not only will you have to pay the set amount back, but you will also be charged with violations of your conditions which means you may not receive a bail bond again and will have to sit in jail until your court date. Before signing your bail bond, always read through the conditions carefully in order to understand what you are being refrained from doing.

Personal Recognizance

A personal recognizance bond is given on the sole promise that you will show up to your specified court date. If you fail to meet these terms and do not show, you can and most likely will be charged with failure to appear and violating your conditions of release. If you do not believe you can make it to your hearing, you should always take the time to contact your attorney or the district attorney to either amend your bail or have your court date moved up to a specific date you will be available.

Once you are placed under arrest and brought to your local jail, an officer will call the bail bondsman to see if you are able to be placed on a bond. Things the bondsman will take into consideration is whether or not your crime was a felony and how severe your actions that caused the charged were. Once he or she determines that you are able to be placed out on a bail bond, you will then be given one a few different bonds including immigration, secured, or a personal recognizance bond.

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